Pokémon Go Hunting At Night (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)

Pokémon Go Hunting At Night (Glasgow, Scotland)

I have just been out doing a bit of Pokémon hunting at night around where where i live in the East End of Glasgow, Scotland. This is some of the Pokémon i have captured in Pokémon Go not only tonight, but from other nights to recently where i have been out catching them too.

Read on to find out what species of Pokémon i caught, what cool evolutions i done when i was out, what egg hatches happened and also find out if i earned any new medals.  I am MasterTrainerSQ and i hope you enjoy this blog entry!

Lots Of Pokémon Out At Night

Some are quite scary looking, and others i think really shouldn’t be out at night!  I encountered Pokémon of several different types including:  NormalWaterIceGrassPsychicDarkFlyingFire  and more!

Pokemon Go Species Farfetch'd On The Street
Pokemon Go Hunting At Night: Farfetch’d

Just some of the different Pokémon species i caught include:  Banette, Farfetch’dQuagsireGoldeenZubatCharmeleonNoctowlVulpixWooperMurkrowAipomNatuPidgeottoMantineSnubbullFearow  and many, many more!

I even managed to come across multiples of the same Pokémon species in the wild including:  PidgeotMurkrowShuppetSpearow,  Psyduck,  and some others.  Here are just some of the Pokémon i found and caught while out and about in the night streets of Glasgow.

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Capturing Pokémon

I think it is so much fun trying to capture the different Pokémon, hoping you get them before they run away on you.  I also forgot to use my Raspberries on the Pokémon to make it easier for me to catch, which is not the best strategy to Catch ‘Em All!

Here are cool action photos of me trying to catch the different Pokémon on the streets at night in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.  Most of the Pokémon species you see in the photos below i caught, but unfortunately, some of the little rascals did escape me!

Some of the Pokémon that you can see in the photos above that i did not manage to capture include such as Skiploom and Farfetch’d.  I do already have a these 2 Pokémon species registered in my Pokédex, but i caught them on a different occasion, they managed to evade my capture this time around!

I used up many Pokéballs, Berries and Pineapples while out trying to capture as many Pokémon as i could and my item stock is running pretty low because of this.

Level 31 + Some Medals

I am very happy to announce that i made it up to Level 31 in Pokémon Go while out and about at night catching all these different Pokémon  species. For reaching the super milestone of Level 31, i was rewarded with some items including 30 Ultra Balls, 15 Max Potions, 15 Nanab Berries and 10 Max Revives.

I also earned 2 medals in Pokémon Go when playing which was for Hatching 500 Eggs and also for Registering 70 Pokémon From The Johto Region in to my Pokédex.

Below you can see how well i am doing in terms of progressing through the game and earning my medals. I have reached gold level quite a few of them, but still have others to complete..

Pokemon Go Medals MasterTrainerSQ
MasterTrainerSQ – Medals So Far (December 2017)

I think it is safe to say that i need to hunt down alot more Dragon and Fighting Type Pokémon as well as way more  Tiny RatattaBig Magikarp and all Pikachu!

Egg Hatches

When i was out walking the streets, i made some progress with some eggs i was trying to hatch.  These are the best 3 Pokémon species that i was lucky enough to get hatching from my eggs in Pokémon Go..

2km Pokémon Go Egg Hatch Oddish
Pokémon Go – 2km Egg Hatch – Oddish
5km Pokémon Go Egg Hatch Onix
Pokémon Go – 5km Egg Hatch – Onix
10km Pokémon Go Egg Hatch Dratini
Pokémon Go – 10km Egg Hatch – Dratini

As well as the Oddish, the Onix and the Dratini above,  I also was lucky enough to hatch an awesome Exeggcute with Great IVs and High CP.  Unfortunately i didn’t manage to get any photos of the evolution happening, but you can see this Pokémon elsewhere in this blog entry.


I have also done some really cool evolutions while i was out playing Pokémon Go including evolving Magby into MagmarWartortle into BlastoiseRattata into Raticate  and  Zubat into Golbat.  Here are some photos of the just mentioned Pokémon evolving..

Thats All For Tonight

So that is all the Pokémon i caught while out hunting them at night in the East End of Glasgow and all of the Evolutions and Egg Hatchings i done too.  I always have fun out playing Pokémon Go and playing it at night gives a different type of experience and joy than that which comes from playing during the day. That said, i love playing Pokémon Go any time on any day…

…  I am MasterTrainerSQ and it was great talking with you!

Are You A Pokémon Go Trainer?

Do you like playing Pokémon Go at night? or do you just go out during the day to play?  Please leave a comment letting me know what you think of the Pokémon species i have caught and the medals i have earned.  Also,  Are you on Level 31 yet?  and  What Pokémon have you caught recently?  Drop a message in the comments section further down.   Thanks!

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