RDX MMA Training Sparring Shin Pads & Gloves

RDX MMA Kit (Shin Pads, Gloves)

So i just thought that i would share on here the new RDX Mixed Martial Arts kit i bought to wear while training with Ultra MMA Glasgow at the Griphouse Gym for My Fundraiser. You an donate to Cancer Research UK via This JustGiving Link.  Continue to read on to find out about the RDX MMA Gloves and RDX MMA Shin Pads:


RDX Sports is company that sells lots of different fighting, boxing, mixed martial arts and fitness clothing and kit. I came across them online and also heard other people at the gym talk about them. The stuff they sell is of great quality and at a very reasonable price too. I have now used the mixed martial arts training gloves and shin pads a few times, so please do read on to find out what i think of both of them..

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RDX MMA Gloves

These are the new Mixed Martial Arts Gloves that i bought:

RDX MMA Kit Gloves

Made by RDX Sports, i think these gloves are great and also very comfortable to wear. They come in a range of colours including blue and red, but i really liked the yellow ones so i went for them. These are padded 8oz gloves.


These training / sparring gloves slip on easily with a strap that then goes around the wrist to hold them on tight and stop them moving. They also have individual loops for each of your fingers.

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RDX MMA Shin Pads

These are the new Mixed Martial Arts Shin Pad that i bought:

RDX MMA Kit Shin Pads

Made by RDX Sports, these shin pads just as comfortable to wear as the gloves and are very easy to move about in and wrestle / grapple. Just like the gloves, these shin pads come in different colours including blue and red, but i took the yellow ones to math the yellow gloves i bought.

RDX MMA Kit Shin Pad On

These training shin pads slip on easily with a strap that then goes around the top of the shin pads (just under the knee) that holds them on tight. Your foot slips right into the bottom of the pad with just a hole at the heel and a hole for your toes. Both the top of the foot and front of the shin is protected with these.

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UMMA Glasgow

Ultra MMA Glasgow is running a 8 week free training Griphouse Gym and then putting on a fight event at the end of it for anyone that wants to take part and help raise money for Cancer Research UK. I am taking part in this and tht is what i have bought these RDX Gloves / Shinnies.

Ultra MMA Glasgow Event
I am fighting at the Ultra MMA Glasgow Event for Cancer Research UK.

(You Can Donate Here via JustGiving).

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If you have any thoughts or opinions about the RDX Gloves and/or RDX Shin Pads you have read about in this post, then please do feel free to leave a message further down in the comments section. If you had used these this kit before then please leave a comment with how you liked them. I will also answer any questions about the UMMA Fundraiser in the comments section too.

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