Car Dash: Driving Through Glasgow (East End, South Side)

Car Dash Driving Through Glasgow East End, South Side

So for those who love Glasgow,  and for those who have never been here before. Have a watch at this great video from the channel BSF Videos where you are taking in a car ride through the streets of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom..

Car Dash Cam Glasgow Broomlaw City Centre
Glasgow Broomlaw City Centre (Car Dash Cam)

Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Starting in the South Side of Glasgow it the Burger King car park, in the Quay, this journey travels over the River Clyde and along by the City Centre and works its way into the East End of Glasgow.  Some of the different areas around the City Of Glasgow you see in this video include Bridgeton, Kinning Park, Tradeston, Glasgow Cross, The Salt Market, Gallowgate, The River Clyde, Clyde-Side, Calton and more.

Watch Now..

Car Dash Cam Footage

This car dash cam footage of Glasgow, Scotland was filmed with a Maifang Sports Camera mounted on the car dashboard using the suction attachment mount that comes with the camera set.  The video is in normal real-time speed, simply with some smaller / boring sections snipped out.  The Maifang Sports Camera, it is a Waterproof 4K WIFI Action Camera, has a 2.0 Inch LTPS Screen and records in 1080P , 60FPS , 12MP . It has a 170 Degree Fish-Eye Lens. Great Camera!

Car Dash Cam Glasgow Clutha Bar City Centre Clyde Side
Glasgow City Centre – Clyde Side – Clutha Bar (Car Dash Cam)

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Car Dash Cam Glasgow Cross City Centre
Glasgow Cross City Centre (Car Dash Cam)

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