My ‘Best Of’ Faithless


I have loved this band from when i was much younger and i still listen to their music up to this day, playing Insomnia right now.  All of the members are amazing and fit into the band very well, producing great music that will last many a generation!  Continue reading on in this blog entry to find out which tracks i like best, which was the first i listened too and you never know, you may find out one or two things about this group you never new before!



The band Faithless was formed in 1995 and their first of many songs was released in the July of that year called Salva Mea (Save Me). The band consists of Maxi Jass / Maxwell Frazer (vocalist, rapper), Sister Bliss / Ayalah Bentovim (composer, piano, violin, saxophone, bass guitar), as well as Rollo Armstrong who heads the band and produces. Lead females vocals often was performed by Pauline Taylor. Other members of of Faithless included Aubrey Nunn and Jamie Catto.

Since their release of the debut single (embedded video above), this awesome band brought out many classic tracks including Insomnia, We Come One, Feelin’ Good, Tarantula, One Step Too Far and God Is A DJ.

The above track was the first track i ever heard from Faithless and that was what got me into them, and then searched for other music by them and found lots of great songs.

Faithless Albums

Faithless released many top quality albums packed full of music that you want to listen to all night long! Below you can see the names of their albums along with the date they were released.

Faithless 2.0 Music Album
Faithless 2.0 – Image Credit:

Faithless Collaborations

As well as all the amazing songs created by Faithless themselves, they also teamed up with many other top artists to combine their talents and make more great music for all of us fans to listen too.  Just some of these artists include Cass Fox, Dido and Estelle.

Faithless Live

Faithless put on many a great live shows on some of the biggest stages there is across the world. Here are some of their performs from Ibiza, Glastonbury & T In The Park.

End Of An Era

All good things must come to an end, and on the 16th of March in the year of 2011, Maxi Jazz made the announcement on his website that the group Faithless would cease to be.

Maxi Jass Sister Bliss Faithless
Sister Bliss & Maxi Jass, Faithless. – Image Credit:

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