A Little Snow For The Festive Season!

Snow Scene With Trees

So i have added a little snow to the SQ Post as we are coming up to Christmas and as it is the start of December, the festive season has well and truly started!  Have a look just now! .. Can you see it? …  It snows 24 hours a day, every single day here! … Its Wonderful!

Snow Bench Scene

White Christmas On The SQ Post

I hope you like the snow effect that has been added to all of the pages here on the SQ Post.  From today all the way through until the 1st of January 2018,  every time you visit here, you will see the snow flakes falling!  I will be making the website and blog even more Christmas like and Festive looking in the coming days.

Thank you for reading this very short website update entry.  I will be posting again later on today letting you know of great place in Glasgow to go out and have fun this December,  so please be sure to give the SQ Post blog a Follow from the left of this page,  Like the SQ Post Facebook Page and Follow the SQ Post LinkedIn Page to be notified.

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7 thoughts on “A Little Snow For The Festive Season!

  1. I can see the snow effect on this blog! I do like it for this festive time! Living outside the online world, I hope we have some snow for the holiday season which is quickly approaching us.


    1. I love the Christmas festive time and the snow here i think makes it feel even more like Christmas. I am very happy and glad you also like the new snowy update. 😀


  2. The snow thing looks cool. I wonder how it was programmed? I bet it was easy to program – but it just looks hard. Anyway, it seems like all the forum software brands have some snow module. I think they’re all free to use.

    Now, I’m trying to think of the mechanics of the snowfall. I think it might be some kind of internal animation thing.


  3. I love the feature! Makes the blog have a nice wintery feeling. It feels like it has been snowing almost 24/7 for about the past week where I live. We’ve had snow just about everyday, and currently have close to 2 – 1/2 feet to 3 feet!


  4. Is there much snow in Scotland? What kind of winter sports are you all into? Is there a lot of skiing in the mountains? How cold is the winter there?


  5. I love the feature added to SQ Post. Get’s the blog into the winter-festive season. No snow has arrived in the south for 2017 – Christmas.


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