The Irn-Bru Carnival 2017 / 2018 Coming Soon To SEC, Glasgow, Scotland!

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Are you getting excited yet?  I Am!  Its almost time for Europe’s largest Indoor Funfair to arrive! Thats right.. The Irn-Bru Carnival returns to the SEC, Glasgow for all the kids this, as well as us adults, to enjoy the fun, food, shows, rides, games and excitement!

  • Rides, Stalls & Games, Food & Drinks
  • The Floor Plan / Carnival Layout
  • Ticket / Entry Price & Possible Discounts
  • Opening Days & Opening Hours
  • Last Year’s Irn-Bru Carnival
  • Be Safe & Useful Links

Continue on reading in this blog post to find out all about the fun and exciting that is coming your way very soon as well as information on all of the above listed things!

Carnival Horse Carousel Ride

The Rides

Are far as fun fairs and and pop up carnivals goes, The Irn-Bru December Carnival tops them all. Here are all the rides that are scheduled to be at this year’s carnival and boy, is there a selection? … Yeah!

(If you see * next to a ride, this is a cash only attraction)

Thrill Rides:   Speed Buzz  –  Sticky Wall  –  Experience Miami  –  Frog Ride  –  Midnight Express Matterhorn  –  Top Flip  –  Top Star  –  Superbob  –  Extreme

Family Rides:   Dodgems  –  Flying Dumbo Ride  –  Helter Skelter  –  Crazy Circus Fun House  –  Waltzers  –  Superbob  –  Ice Maze  –  Big Apple Coaster  –  Drop Zone  –  Twist  –  Bungee Trampolines*  –   Climbing Wall*

Kids Rides:   Mini Wheel  –  Ice Mirror Maze  –  Cups & Saucers  –  Mini Chairoplane  –  Trampolines  –  Toyset  –  Baby Apple  –  Race O Rama  –  Mini Train

There is also an Inflatable Bumper Cars* ride attraction that is located in the Inflatable Play Area, Hall 3.  This area will be open will be open during the same hours that the Irn-Bru Carnival is open.  To find out more about the Inflatable Play Area at this year’s carnival, then visit Here for Age & Height Restrictions, Price & Time Limits, Rules Of Play and more.

View Height Restrictions For Rides / Attractions Here!

Dodgems Carnival Ride

The Stalls & Games

There are many stalls, games and fun things to do at The Irn-Bru Carnival every December,  some of these stalls accept cash only, and the other accept vouchers only.  Here is what is scheduled to be at the 2017 / 2018 Irn-Bru Carnival:

Voucher Taking:   Skittles  –  Football Pick  –  Catch A Dog  –  Ball Game  –  Darts  –  Milk Churns  –  Knock Off Cans  –  Rings & Blocks  –  Spill the Milk  –  Hook-a-Duck  –  Ball in Bucket  –  Darts  –  Cork Shooter  –  Basketball  –  Shoot The Footballers Down  –  Penalty Shoot Out  –  Coconut Shy  –  Toy Town Stall

Cash Taking:   Face Painting  –  Striker  –  Shooter  –  Make 21  –  Amusements Cranes  –  Novelties, Toys and Balloon Stall  –  Winchester Shooting Game  –  Whack-a-Minion  –  Derby Racer  –  Bingo  –  Fortune Teller  –  Amusements Arcades  –  Climbing Wall  –  Kiddie Bikes  –  Lucky Cranes

All of the Stalls & Games, as well as the Rides & Attractions mentioned earlier,  each have their own allocated operator(s) to guide to onto the ride or to show you how to use or play at the Stalls.

Teddy Toy Prizes

The Food & Drinks

When you are enjoying your day or night out at the Irn-Bru Carnival this year and you start to get hungry,  there will be loads of places for you to grab a bite to eat.

From small vendors and stalls selling Tea, Coffee, Drinks, Candy Floss, Pick & Mix, Sweets, Ice Cream, Sno Cones & more to larger outlets and vans selling Hot Dogs, Chicken, Burgers, Chips, Nachos, Pizza & More,  you will definitely find something to eat and drink that keeps everyone happy!

Main Food Outlets:   Burger Grill  –  Chicken Shack  –  Seafish Cafe  –  Central Food Court

To download the Food Menus from the above mentioned food outlets as well as find out about the Kids Deals & Meal Deals that are available, then please visit Here.

Burger, Chips, Ice Cream, Pizza

Floor Plan / Layout

This is the floor plan image showing what the layout of The Irn-Bru Carnival this year will look like at the SEC.  It shows where each Ride and Stall will be as well as other Kiosks, Offices, Meet Points, First Aid, Toilets, Sale Points, and Places Of Interest / Need are located. Click on the image to view it bigger, or check out the official PDF Here.

The Irn-Bru Carnival 2017 / 2018 Floor Plan Image
The Irn-Bru Carnival 17 / 18 – Scottish Event Campus (Floor Plan)

Ticket / Entry Prices

On entry to the Irn-Bru Carnival, you will be given a stamp done on your hand, this means that if you want, you can leave at anytime and return on the same day without needing to pay entry again.

Below you can see the different prices of the entry for each Age Group and also wither you are paying when you arrive or paying online before you go.  –  You can enter Here to Win A Pair Of Free Tickets!

Online:  If you are going to be buying your tickets ahead of time online, then these are the prices you will pay for the tickets:

  • £13      –      General Admission
  • £50      –      Group of 4 People
  • £8        –      OAP (Over 60s)

Offline:  If you will be paying for your entry into the Irn-Bru Carnival at the door when you get there, then these are the prices you will pay:

  • £14      –      General Admission (Entry + 10 Vouchers)
  • £52      –      Group of 4 People
  • £8        –      OAP (Over 60s)

Children Aged 3 & Under Get FREE Entry into this year’s Irn-Bru Carnival and a Group Of 10+ People Get 10% Discounted. – These apply to Both Online & Offline ticket purchases.

  • £11      –      Young Scot Entrants (Entry + 10 Vouchers)

Additional Vouchers: You are able to purchase additional vouchers for the rides and stalls in the hall at anytime during the opening hours of the Irn-Bru Carnival for £1.50 Per Voucher or 5 Vouchers for £6.

Be sure to double check the prices on the official website Here before you leave to go to the carnival encase of any last minute price changes after this post has been published. Also check any additional booking fees that may apply when booking online.

Carnival Ride

Opening Days & Times

The Irn-Bru Carnival 2017 / 2018 is coming to the Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom on the 21st of December 2017 and will be open everyday (except Christmas Day) until the 14th of January 2018.  Here is a list of all the days the indoor fun fair is open along with opening hour too:

  • 21st December  –  Thursday:  5pm – 10pm
  • 22nd December  –  Friday:  12pm – 10pm
  • 23rd December  –  Saturday:  12pm – 10pm
  • 24th December  –  Sunday:  12pm – 9pm
  • 25th December  –  MondayClosed   (Christmas Day)
  • 26th December  –  Tuesday:  12pm – 10pm
  • 27th December  –  Wednesday:  11am – 10pm
  • 28th December  –  Thursday:  11am – 10pm
  • 29th December  –  Friday:  11am – 10pm
  • 30th December  –  Saturday:  11am – 10pm
  • 31th December  –  Sunday:  12pm – 9pm
  • 1st January  –  Monday:  12pm – 9pm
  • 2nd January  –  Tuesday :  11am – 10pm
  • 3rd January  –  Wednesday:  11am – 9pm
  • 4th January  –  Thursday:  12pm – 9pm
  • 5th January  –  Friday:  12pm – 9pm
  • 6th January  –  Saturday:  12pm – 10pm
  • 7th January  –  Sunday:  12pm – 9pm
  • 8th January  –  Monday:  5pm – 10pm
  • 9th January  –  Tuesday:  5pm – 10pm
  • 10th January  –  Wednesday:  5pm – 10pm
  • 11th January  –  Thursday:  5pm – 10pm
  • 12th January  –  Friday:  5pm – 10pm
  • 13th January  –  Saturday:  12pm – 10pm
  • 14th January  –  Sunday:  12pm – 9pm

The above dates and times have been taken from the official website Here.  Please re-check on that website before you leave for journey to the carnival to see if any last minute changes have been made to their opening days and times schedule.

Spinning Carousel Ride

Last Year’s Irn-Bru Carnival

In the first video below, you can have a watch at clips that i recorded when i was at the Irn-Bru Carnival last year (2016 / 1017).  Underneath that, in the second video, you can see one of the rides (the Drop Zone) from last years carnival too..

I thought The Irn-Bru Carnival last year at the Scottish Event Campus last year was great and i am expecting the same again this year.  If you are looking for a fun filled day or night out with your friends and/or family, then this is a must to go to.  Here is another Highlight Video of last year’s carnival by QD Events.  Below is some photos i took last year also..

Be Safe!

Travel:  Remember to always take care in your journey to the carnival, wither that be traveling on foot, bike, bus taxi or train.. Leave in enough time to get there so that you are not rushing and wrap up well for the cold weather.  You can Get A Free £15 Taxi Journey by simply signing up to Uber and entering code IBCARNIVAL16 (See FAQ for more details, scroll down to”Traveling by Taxi”).

Kids:  We all know kids can get really excited and run about crazy at these fun fairs, i know, trust me, i know! …   So keeping them safe is a priority.  Before you leave to go out, you can put a band around their wrist with your Name & Mobile Number wrote on it so if the worst happens and a little one wonders off,  the staff their or another visitor can contact you easily and quickly.

Don’t Loss Anything:  I’ve done it before, you’ve probably done it before.. We go on a ride, the ride starts, and only then do we realize when its too late that we have our phone, money, keys and more all in our pockets and Not zipped up!  Remember to keep all your pockets zipped at all times while your on and off the rides and don’t ever just leave a bag or possession laying at the side of a ride until you come back off.  Ask the ride operator where you can leave it (usually allows you to leave it at the ride’s pay box / cabin or by a fence Inside the ride.

Useful Links

The Irn-Bru Carnival

Irn-Bru Carnival Inflatable Play:

Irn-Bru Carnival Food & Drink:

Tickets, Prices, Times, Days:

Win A Pair Of Tickets:

Directions To Carnival:

Irn-Bru Carnival FAQ:

Irn-Bru Carnival Social Networks:  Facebook | Twitter

Scottish Event Campus:

Thanks For Reading

Thank you for reading this blog entry of mine to the SQ Post blog and i hope you liked it as well as found it informative too.  If you decide to go to the Irn-Bru Carnival this year, i hope you have a great time and enjoy yourself and keep safe. I will be posting again here to the blog very soon, so please give the SQ Post blog a Follow from the left of this page,  Like the SQ Post Facebook Page and Follow the SQ Post LinkedIn Page to be notified.

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