Caught Some New Gen 3 Pokémon

Sso with all them new Generation 3 Pokémon now being found out and about in the wild in Pokémon Go after the recent update,  I (MasterTrainerSQ) have decided to do a little post letting you all know some that i have captured so far.

Caught Some New Gen 3 Pokémon Gulpin Wide

With so many different Pokémon species from the Heonn Region now being found in Pokémon Go, i am very excited and find myself going out at every spare minute to try find and catch some new Pokémon for my Pokédex.  Keep on reading to see which ones i caught..

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Country / City Categorization Added

I have added new country and city categories to the left of all pages in the main SQ Post Blog menu.  These new categories are so you that if you are only interested in posts from your area, city or country, then you click click on that place on the list and you will find yourself with a entry list of all the latest posts about that place.

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