Funny Science Jokes!

We all love a good laugh to brighten our day,  so..  Here is a bundle of very, very funny science jokes to not only get you giggling, but will have your body sore from laughing!

science scope

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Funny Sports Jokes!

We all love to have a good laugh, well, right here is a bundle of very, very funny sports jokes to not only make you giggling, but will have your sides store from laughter!

Funny Sports Jokes Soccer

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Funny Animal Jokes!

There is never an occasion in life when a smile can’t make you feel better, so here is a bundle of very funny animal jokes to not only put that smile on your face, but will have you doubled over in stitches of laughter!

Dog Brushing Teeth

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Christmas Cracker Jokes!

So with Christmas well and truly over and now that is us into a brand new year, i thought i would have a little reminder post back to the crackers pulling fun and hilarious joke telling of just a few weeks ago!

Three Christmas Crackers

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