Christmas Cracker Jokes!

So with Christmas well and truly over and now that is us into a brand new year, i thought i would have a little reminder post back to the crackers pulling fun and hilarious joke telling of just a few weeks ago!

Three Christmas Crackers

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A Little Snow For The Festive Season!

So i have added a little snow to the SQ Post as we are coming up to Christmas and as it is the start of December, the festive season has well and truly started!  Have a look just now! .. Can you see it? …  It snows 24 hours a day, every single day here! … Its Wonderful!

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My Halloween Pumpkin Designs

So i have decided to make some spooky Halloween pumpkins for in the house tonight when the kids are having their scary festive party.  I am going to put three pumpkins in total around the room and here they are for you to look at.

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I have fully completed 1 of them and the other two are gutted and cut out, just need to clean them up a bit.  One of the pumpkins i have designed is a Cat,  another is a Spooky Face and the last one is simply a pumpkin Cave that will be putting some scary creatures in.

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