My Halloween Pumpkin Designs

So i have decided to make some spooky Halloween pumpkins for in the house tonight when the kids are having their scary festive party.  I am going to put three pumpkins in total around the room and here they are for you to look at.

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I have fully completed 1 of them and the other two are gutted and cut out, just need to clean them up a bit.  One of the pumpkins i have designed is a Cat,  another is a Spooky Face and the last one is simply a pumpkin Cave that will be putting some scary creatures in.

Halloween Pumpkin Designs

Be sure to let me know what you think!

My Halloween Pumpkin Designs Cave Plus Face

Below are two of the pumpkins after they were gutted but before they were cut out.  The third photo below is of the pumpkin guts afterwards.

Here are some other photos of the pumpkins i have made all light up and looking spooky.

Please let me know what you think of the pumpkins i have made for the kid’s party tonight for Halloween in the comments section below and feel free to post a link to any photos of videos of pumpkins you have made this year.

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3 thoughts on “My Halloween Pumpkin Designs

  1. These Halloween designs are better than what I have designed previously. I always mess up on the mouth, I’m planning to spend more time for 2018 for the creation. You must of put a lot of effort into making all those pumpkins!


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