SQ Post Advert Blog Entry

We now have a “SQ Post Adverts” category that is available from our menu of the left of all pages. These advertisement blog posts have been / will be either paid for by the promoters via any of the following places..

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If you are interested in us posting a blog entry advertising your website, online store, service, etc.. then please do click on your preferred option above. If you would like to find out some more information first, then please either leave a comment below on this post or go to the SQ Post Contact Page and send an email.

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Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are Great Together in Film!

So i thought i would make a blog entry today with my thoughts on the actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and the fact that i think they are really good, funny actors and are great together in the films they have made.  In this post i will go through the different films i like them in and what it is i think is good about them, individually as well as together.

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Funny Science Jokes!

We all love a good laugh to brighten our day,  so..  Here is a bundle of very, very funny science jokes to not only get you giggling, but will have your body sore from laughing!

science scope

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