Caught Some New Gen 3 Pokémon

Sso with all them new Generation 3 Pokémon now being found out and about in the wild in Pokémon Go after the recent update,  I (MasterTrainerSQ) have decided to do a little post letting you all know some that i have captured so far.

Caught Some New Gen 3 Pokémon Gulpin Wide

With so many different Pokémon species from the Heonn Region now being found in Pokémon Go, i am very excited and find myself going out at every spare minute to try find and catch some new Pokémon for my Pokédex.  Keep on reading to see which ones i caught..

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Pokémon Go Hunting At Night (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)

I have just been out doing a bit of Pokémon hunting at night around where where i live in the East End of Glasgow, Scotland. This is some of the Pokémon i have captured in Pokémon Go not only tonight, but from other nights to recently where i have been out catching them too.

Read on to find out what species of Pokémon i caught, what cool evolutions i done when i was out, what egg hatches happened and also find out if i earned any new medals.  I am MasterTrainerSQ and i hope you enjoy this blog entry!

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Halloween 2017 Pokémon Go Hunting

During this Halloween season of 2017 in Pokémon Go there is a spooky event going on.  This event started on the 20th of October 2017 and will finish on the 2nd of November 2017.  I have decided to post today letting you all know how things are going for me in this event and see some of the scary Pokémon i have caught as well as some other,  less scary,  Pokémon captured during the event period too so far.

Dressing Up For Halloween

Getting in the spirit of Halloween for this Pokémon Go Event i have dressed up my Pokémon Go Trainer (MasterTrainerSQ) with the special Halloween Hat available in the Style Section.  The new hat is completely free and wont cost you any coins to wear,  check it out and give it a try on!  I think it is great and if it is still available for longer than this the Halloween Event goes on,  then i will continue to wear it.

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