Amazonia Indoor Rainforest – Strathclyde Country Park (M&D’s Theme Park) 2017

When i was on a recent day out at Strathclyde Country Park,  Motherwell,  Scotland,  i was in the M&D’s Theme Park and decided to go into the Amazonia Indoor Rainforest building.  This is what i thought of the place and wither i would recommend my readers to visit there.  If you have already been to Amazonia in Strathclyde Park,  then please still have a read at my review and see how it compares to your experience.

First Impressions

My first thoughts of the place was great,  the reception desk member of staff was very friendly and filled me and my son in on a lot of information about the Amazonia Indoor Rainforest and how it works.  The first thing that hits you when you walk in to the actual indoor rainforest is is the heat,  it has to be this way as that is what the types of animals here are used to and what the part of the world is like where they are native to.  The building is a good size,  with lots of room to walk about and areas within the building to go into to see different types of animals.  It looks beautiful with all the plants, animals, ponds and bridges to walk over and around.

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