Country / City Categorization Added

I have added new country and city categories to the left of all pages in the main SQ Post Blog menu.  These new categories are so you that if you are only interested in posts from your area, city or country, then you click click on that place on the list and you will find yourself with a entry list of all the latest posts about that place.

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SQ Post Content (Blog Categories)

I want to let you all know about the type of content that will be on the SQ Post website and blog. Have a read at this post and if you think you will be interested in the content that will be published here, then please give us a follow and be notified when they happen. Here is a list of the possible categories that I plan on having here on the SQ Post blog. Beside each category listed, you will find information about the type of posts that will be published there. Continue reading “SQ Post Content (Blog Categories)”