Caught Some New Gen 3 Pokémon

Caught Some New Gen 3 Pokémon

Sso with all them new Generation 3 Pokémon now being found out and about in the wild in Pokémon Go after the recent update,  I (MasterTrainerSQ) have decided to do a little post letting you all know some that i have captured so far.

Caught Some New Gen 3 Pokémon Gulpin Wide

With so many different Pokémon species from the Heonn Region now being found in Pokémon Go, i am very excited and find myself going out at every spare minute to try find and catch some new Pokémon for my Pokédex.  Keep on reading to see which ones i caught..

Caught Some New Gen 3 Pokémon Poochyena Wide

Generation 3 Pokémon Captured

So this is all of the Pokémon species i have manage to hunt down and capture since the update in Pokémon Go.  You can click on any image in this blog entry and it will open up a window where you can comment, rate and share it.


I caught this second stage evolution Pokémon while out on the main road outside my house. I was very surprised and just as happy when i seen it pop on up my map screen. I did not mess about with this one and switched straight to the Ultra Balls and caught this awesome Gen 3 Pokémon.  –  Delcatty is a Normal Type Pokémon!  –  Pokédex Number: 301

Prim Pokémon:  This Pokémon prefers to live an unfettered existence in which it can do as it pleases at its own pace. Because this Pokémon eats and sleeps whenever it decides, it daily routines are completely random.


This first stage Pokémon appeared on map screen while walking home on a very cold night.  I didn’t know anything about this Pokémon species so was super happy to be able to catch it. As this Pokémon did not have much CP i was able to catch it with just a single Pokéball.  –  Gulpin is a Poison Type Pokémon!  –  Pokédex Number: 316

Stomach Pokémon:  Virtually all of this Pokémon‘s body is its stomach. As a result, it can swallow something its own size. This Pokémon‘s stomach contains a special fluid that can digest anything.


This cool little Pokémon i came across outside my local shop is a fun little species in my opinion with its yellow body and big blue ears. I managed to catch this with just one Pokéball due to its low Combat Power. This Pokémon does not evolve.  –  Minun is a Electric Type Pokémon!  –  Pokédex Number: 312

Cheering Pokémon:  This Pokémon is more concerned about cheering on its partners than its own safety. It shorts out the electricity in its body to create brilliant showers of sparks to cheer on its teammates.


I caught a few different ones of this stage one Pokémon. One of them while walking back from my friends house and the others while out at the shops and work.  I love dogs and this Pokémon look both really cute and also a bite scary at the same time.  –  Poochyena is a Dark Type Pokémon!  –  Pokédex Number: 261

Bite Pokémon:  At first sight, this Pokémon takes a bite at anything that moves. It will chase and chase until its victim becomes exhausted. However, it may turn tail if the prey strikes back.

Gen 3 Captures Before Now

Before now,  before the release of all these 50 new Generation 3 Pokémon, there was a few available due to the Pokémon Go Halloween Event 2017 that took place a few months ago.  These are the Pokémon that are from the Heonn Region but released earlier in the year..

Generation 3 Pokémon To Capture

There are lots of Pokémon from the Heonn Region out there still to capture.  These Gen 3 Pokémon include:  Zigzagoon,  Slakoth,  Swalot,  Treecko,  Torchic,  Mudkip,  Wurmple,  Seedot,  Ralts,  Whismur,  Skitty,  Volbeat,  Carvanha,  Vibrava,  Swablu,  Kecleon,  Absol  and many many more!

There are 50 Generation 3 Pokémon species in total available to catch currently in the Pokémon Go mobile game just now.  This really, really makes me happy and i can not wait to Catch ‘Em All!

Which Gen 3 Pokémon Have You Caught?

Which of the Pokémon from the Heonn Region have you caught so far?  Which Generation 3 Pokémon do you want to catch the most?  Please leave a comment letting me know what you think of the new Gen 3 Pokémon species.  Also,  How many Pokémon do you now have registered on your Pokédex?  and  What Pokémon from Heonn are your going to evolve first?  Drop a message in the comments section further down.   Thanks!

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  1. I didn’t even realizes that people were still playing Pokemon Go. I played it a little while when it first came out because it was all hyped up, but haven’t played it since. I do think it was a good idea and a cool game because it made people get up and walk around to find the pokemon, but it seemed to get repetitive quickly.


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