4 thoughts on “I Love Pizza

  1. I didn’t know you loved Pizza. Your not the only one, I like Pizza too! There are so many different flavours of Pizza’s to choose from, I do enjoy meat feast.

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  2. A homemade pizza seems like something I haven’t had since I was a teenager. However, it was only those Chef Boyardee mixes, but those were awesome! They had a unique taste that restaurant or grocery store “ready-made” didn’t have.

    Anyway, I like most pizza – but I have to admit the grocery store kind often isn’t so hot. In that case, it needs to be a restaurant or, as already said, homemade. Also, note, some grocery stores have more top-of-the-line types you can buy – and those can be as good or better than a restaurant.


  3. Mmm, I like pizza too! I enjoy the classic pepperoni and cheese most. I also like chicken finger pizza, and I have had white pizza a couple of times which I enjoyed too. One thing I have found is you need to find a good pizzeria if you want good pizza. Some places are not so great, while others are amazing. A couple of weeks ago one of my friends got pizza from somewhere and there was pretty much a pond of grease in the middle. While pizza is obviously not healthly, this grease also made the pizza feel soggy so it wasn’t that great in my opinion.


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