A Walk Through Glasgow Green (Scotland, UK)

Hello, so today i decided to take a walk through Glasgow Green and back taking some photos of the different things i see.  I live directly across from the Glasgow Green so i walked from one end through to the other end and back.  I hope you like the photo i have taken and i will write some information about the different things i seen too.

Glasgow Green Park

There are lots of open green grass spaces through out the Glasgow Green Park and some great scenery to look at.  As well as the statues,  monuments,  and buildings i took photos of (that you see above and further down),  i also took snaps of the open spaces,  trees and scenery.  Have a look here..

Glasgow River Clyde

The River Clyde runs through Glasgow and goes through many areas,  one of those areas is indeed the Glasgow Green.  Here are some photos of the River Clyde i took then after that in the next section of this post i will show you some of the bridges and other things along the Clydeside in the Glasgow Green Park.

Glasgow Green / River Clyde Bridges

Here are some of the amazing bridges that cross over the River Clyde at the Glasgow Green area.  These bridges have been here for many many years and will be here for many to come.  I have also wrote a list of the names of the bridges i photographed and added the dates they were built / re-built.

  • St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge  (1856)
  • Tidal Weir and Pipe Bridge (1901)  (rebuilt 1949)
  • Albert Bridge Glasgow  (1871)
  • King’s Bridge Glasgow  (1933)
  • Victoria Bridge Glasgow  (1854)

Glasgow Green / Clydeside

This is some of the buildings and other things that are along the side of the River Clyde at the Glasgow Green.  Some of these photos include photos of things on both the Glasgow Green Clydeside as well as the other (Gorbals) Clydeside.

Statues / Monuments

There are lots of different statues,  monuments and memorial plaques all around the Glasgow Green,  here are just some of them for people to look at that i took photos of.  Some of these include things for  the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Glasgow Green Football Centre

As i was coming back through the Glasgow Green making my way back home,  i walked through the Glasgow Green’s football pitches (Glasgow Green Football Centre) as i live on the other side of them.  Here are some photos i took on way way

Clubhouse Swans

In the Glasgow Green Park there is an old Clubhouse building which is part of the Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club.  In the yard of the Clubhouse around the building itself,  there is some awesome looking swans,  they are big, white and beautiful.  Here are some photos of the rowing club’s building,  yard  and of course,  the swans.  I have also made a short video of the swans that i have uploaded onto my YouTube Channel,  you can watch this video straight from this blog post just under the 3 swan images below..

Some More Photos

Here are some more photos i took that i haven’t included in this blog post yet.  Please have a look through them and let me know what you think by either commenting on this blog entry or by commenting on any of the actual photos themselves.

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