New: List 100s (Website Lists)

Hey,  so after my last 2 posts announcing the arrival to the SQ Post of both the new Top 10s and List 25s entries,  this is me posting to let you know about the third type of new posts that will be made into the Top Lists Category,  called  “Lists 100s“.  Have a read below through this post to get an idea of what the List 100s will be like and what they will be about.  The first of these new List 100 blog entries will be coming in the next week or so.

What Are List 100s?

These blog entries each have a list of 100 websites from different particular niches.  These lists are in alphabetical order and are a great way to learn about new websites, services and resources in your niche / industry.  All of the websites that are listed in these List 100s posts have been visited by the SQ Post Author writing the list,  some,  but not all of them are used by the SQ Post Authors.

What Will The List 100s Be About?

There will be a wide variety of websites, forums and blogs linked to in the SQ Post List 100 blog entries.  Below is a list of just some of the possible List 100 Posts you could see published very soon..

  • 100 Animal Blogs & Forums
  • 100 Food & Diet Websites
  • 100 Gaming Blogs & Forums
  • 100 General Chat Forums
  • 100 News / Reporting Blogs
  • 100 Sports Blogs
  • 100 Space Blogs & Forums
  • 100 TV / Movie Websites
  • 100 Webmaster / Promotion / Marketing Blogs
  • 100 Webmaster / Promotion / Marketing Forums

Please comment below with any thoughts and opinions you have or with any suggestions on List 100s you would like to see published here on the SQ Post blog.

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