Amazonia Indoor Rainforest – Strathclyde Country Park (M&D’s Theme Park) 2017

Amazonia Indoor Rainforest - Strathclyde Country Park

When i was on a recent day out at Strathclyde Country Park,  Motherwell,  Scotland,  i was in the M&D’s Theme Park and decided to go into the Amazonia Indoor Rainforest building.  This is what i thought of the place and wither i would recommend my readers to visit there.  If you have already been to Amazonia in Strathclyde Park,  then please still have a read at my review and see how it compares to your experience.

First Impressions

My first thoughts of the place was great,  the reception desk member of staff was very friendly and filled me and my son in on a lot of information about the Amazonia Indoor Rainforest and how it works.  The first thing that hits you when you walk in to the actual indoor rainforest is is the heat,  it has to be this way as that is what the types of animals here are used to and what the part of the world is like where they are native to.  The building is a good size,  with lots of room to walk about and areas within the building to go into to see different types of animals.  It looks beautiful with all the plants, animals, ponds and bridges to walk over and around.

The Animals

There was a large variety of different species of Animals,  Amphibians,  Insects & Fish to look at and with some,  interact with.  Some of the wildlife where in tanks such as the PiranhaSnakesFrogs,  Spiders,  etc..  and some where in cages such as the Monkeys & Parrots.  There is a section of the indoor rainforest that is in darkness and this is where the nocturnal animals live including the Kinkajou, Scorpions, more fish and some other amazing creatures.

Fish Feeding was available with the Koi Carp is various ponds throughout the indoor rainforest.  The fish ponds are connected to each other under bridges that the visitors can walk over and when the fish food pellets are dropped into the water,  the fish really get excited and come over to eat.  The fish food pellets to feed the Koi Carp can be bought from either the small machine next to one of the ponds or a bigger bag can be purchased at the reception / front desk.

Some of the beautiful species of Butterflies that Amazonia have living there are just freely flying about around you and around the indoor rainforest,  it really looks great and gives you the feeling that your really in the outdoors with the wildlife.  There is also some amazing species of Terrapins including the Red-Eared and Yellow-Bellied Terrapins for you to get up close with and see.

BLACK TAILED MARMOSET at Amazonia (Strathclyde Park: M&Ds)

The Staff

All of the animal species from the small insects and frogs up to the large snakes, monkeys, fish and birds look very well looked after as well as all the animal’s cages and tanks.  In my opinion,  the staff of the Amazonia Indoor Rainforest at Strathclyde Park know what they are doing and are very knowledgeable of the different species they are looking after.  The staff where also very friendly to the visitors and the ones i spoke to in particular where very friendly and willing to share their knowledge with me and my son about the different animals and the whole rainforest in general.

The Amazonia Wildlife Hotel at Strathclyde Country Park
The Amazonia Wildlife Hotel at Strathclyde Park

Value For Money

With the entry fee ranging from £4.20 to £6.20 with discounts for children,  disabled,  senior citizens,  groups of 4 people and even free entry for very young children,   i think the Amazonia Indoor Rainforest in the M&D’s Theme Park at Strathclyde Country Park is extremely good value for money.  This is my opinion due to the following reasons..

  • There is no time limit to your visit in the Amazonia Indoor Rainforest and you are allowed to leave back into the theme park then re-enter Amazonia at anytime by showing a stamp you are giving on your first entry.
  • The educational value of visiting this indoor rainforest in my opinion is extremely high and for the price that the entry is,  adults and kids can interact with animals they would not normally come across in normal life,  they can find out all about these animals,  learn about them and for kids especially,  develop a reel interest the animal world.
  • Not only do you have a great,  fun,  educational time with the different animals,  but money earned also goes to helping the different animals species and their natural habitats.

Animal Handling  and  Birthday Party Packages  is also available at Amazonia Strathclyde Park and you can even Adopt An Animal.  As you are leaving the indoor rainforest there is also a shop with lots of different toys, teddys and more for sale. You can see some of the things i bought in the photos below..

Would I Re-Visit?

My answer to this question has to be a resounding Yes!  I think the Amazonia Indoor Rainforest at M&D’s Theme Park,  Strathclyde Country Park is amazing and i recommend all adults with or without children to visit as you will have a great day and learn a lot too.  Have a watch through the full tour video that i recorded (linked to below) and you can see what awesomeness you can expect when u visit:

Amazonia Indoor Rainforest (Strathclyde Park) — Tour Video

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